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    Examples for our products

    *For more different diameters and mesh sizes please contact us.
    Wire diameter Mesh size Weight per m²
    2.5 mm 20 mm 4.8 kg
    3.0 mm 30 mm 4.5 kg
    4.0 mm 40 mm 6.0 kg
    5.0 mm 50 mm 7.4 kg
    4.0 mm 30 mm 8.3 kg

    BlueSea Mesh with a wire diameter of 2,75 mm and 20 mm mesh size of after weaving and before it has been used in sea water.

    The very same mesh type after more than two years in the sea.
    The mesh was not deformed and kept the identical mesh size.

    The wire diameter was reduced only by some 2-3% (average value) after the complete period.
    All mechanical values stay similar than before.