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Aquaculture plays an important role in meeting the challenge of the constantly growing demand for fish and the global nutrition challenge. This is not only about supply and demand, but also about making fish farming as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible.

BlueSea Solution

One of the biggest problems of today's aquaculture systems is pollution. Most cages are made of nylon or other plastic fibres. These materials are not only hardly recyclable and contribute to plastic pollution, but are also highly susceptible to biofouling. As a result, they require extensive and costly maintenance. The rapid and increased fouling forms an unhealthy environment for the fishes living inside the cages. This leads to a situation with cost intensive fish treatment that stresses the fish and slows the growth.

The knowledge of mechanics, materials handling and competence in copper of Wieland as well as Lerow's many years of experience as a service provider in aquaculture, enable BlueSea Technology to offer an environmentally friendly solution that covers all steps: From production to installation and the maintenance over the next years – following the NS9415 and NYTEK regulations and standards.

Your advantages with BlueSea Solution:

  • BlueSea-Technology offers all processes from a single source: production, installation and maintenance – following the NS9415 and NYTEK regulations and standards.
  • Due to the natural properties of BlueSea brass our products stay environmentally clean, thus reducing maintenance as well as cleaning throughout their entire life cycle.
  • The cages improve water flow and circulation, maintaining a higher oxygen level - as a result, this reduces the need for any kind of fish treatment.
  • The high mechanical strength of the special brass enables the cage to resist predator attacks as well as strong environmental loads like waves and currents, thereby reducing fish escapes.
  • Fish farming becomes not only sustainable and organic, but causes higher yields, lower costs and healthier fish!
  • BlueSea Cages can be installed on almost any location, even offshore.

The brass is 100% recyclable even after many years of use in salt water and can be reused endless – keeping the metal value over the complete lifetime.